Modify the home renovation for the elderly.

In addition to this, we turn to pay attention to the details of living space. And convenience in the home. Home modifications for the elderly, it is hot as well. We will see that If you need to change Home renovation suit the elderly, is there anything different.

1. ramp at the entrance of the house. Or the different levels

A small staircase might be one option that many people made their way down the front or back of the house. But we can build a ramp up to it. The ramp is important to use as you can transport a large suitcase with wheels. Through this Without carrying a heavy And if the house is not wheelchair. It is more convenient Time-out house

2. The width of the door

The wide doors to allow you to transport large pieces of furniture such as sofas, beds and tables more easily then. It is also convenient for the elderly or people with disabilities who need a wheelchair as well. If you need trolley cars through the narrow gate, it seemed like. The good door should have a width of at least 36 inches, and if it is good. Hallway should be at least 42 inches wide to fit a large family to use a wheelchair.

3. Creating a special room

If you walk up the stairs to the second floor may be easy for you, but for older people to not like that. The knee of the elderly is weak. He seemed to sit at all. If you walk up and down the stairs. The body was not recovered easily, so that the elderly should be a need for a ground floor only, it is better to have two storeys above. Or a house, then you may not need to change anything.

4. Switch

You should switch to a location that the person sitting in a wheelchair reached. Do not be complacent to think that someone would have the lights on all the time. It may be some time for seniors to live alone. And if they need to use lighting up so bad you should switch to high positions 42-48 inches from the floor to get the perfect fit. And a multi-position toggle switch with 2 way, it would be a bit better.

5. doorknobs and door

If your home is the open door to lean hard, it’s time to replace it. If they continue to age. The torque knob, it may cause you pain as well. Also, if the door does not pull out until stiff. The elderly may be more tired on exertion. Another knob you should use the rotary knob with a dilemma. The person sitting in a wheelchair opens easily.

6. Grab bars in bathroom accessories

For security purposes The rooms and bathrooms should slip easily slip carpeting and handrails added into the tub with me. You and your family members you love is far from an accident in the house itself.