LED bulbs, home of the future

LED Lighting Bulbs are campaigning for a household in the present day. And let the lamp used in the main building. The LED bulb is the most energy efficient lighting market. Compared with other types of light bulbs, LED bulbs are energy saving. There are also other advantages of what I see.

1. LED lights emit less heat than other.

One thing saving LED lighting because LED has less heat than fluorescent bulbs. Or tube swells Ortega Torres cents a normal home use. The heat from the LED light does not impact on the temperature of the room. The house has air conditioning to cool the house more easily than other bulbs.

2. LED withstand more vibration.

LED lamps are ideal for installation in cars, elevators installed in buildings. Because LED lighting is kind of a tremor and movement throughout the LED bulbs will help reduce the cost of lighting up.

3. The light from the LED is blinking.

Full lamp Orange St. is a traditional flash of light flashing frequency of 50 Hz., And opened fire. Lamps are Sparks before, but with LED lights will be out of this LED bulb can stick it. Moreover, the LED can – off frequently and often without the tube is not easy. Compared to full fluorescent bulbs or neon accessories. The on – off my lamp is broken and does not work, resulting in LED bulbs last longer.

4. No UV light

Tube full Ortega Torres cents. If we use a light to illuminate the display brightness to be found on the product over time. Color to fade or change, such as cars, books, plastic means that the bulb swells Ortega Torres cents out with UV radiation exposure. But LED lights are free of radiation UV.

5. The performance of the lighting fixture styles.

Full lamp fluorescent light will be scattered over the direction while the LED light will go in one direction. The light does not spread The design allows the tube to fit the fixture. And do not emit light in a direction not desired. Resulting in electricity savings

Currently developing an LED bulb rising steadily, hoping that the future will be light in the world, most commonly used. This house is also used in other types of lamps. I know this, I turned to see the LED bulb is changed a bit.