Evaporative Air cooling is not a steam fan

Evaporative cooling actually is. It is called the same. Many people think that the cooling fan and misting fans will have to use the same. Or is it the same type of cooling fans work by the water spray out and use a fan to blow the mist dispersed. The moisture Not suitable for home design spaces. The cooling fan It works by pulling air through the heat of the cooling pad. Until the water evaporates Leaving only the temperature drop. As a result, the surrounding area was cool. Without moisture in the air It is ideal for use in a home or condo over. Advantages of Evaporative cooling is No spray Not damp The wind was cool As natural wind Available in both open and closed. Can significantly reduce the temperature 4-10 degrees Celsius, as well as light and easy as well.

Fan cooling with prices ranging from 2900-10000 baht depending on size and special features such as a remote control, a built-in air purifier. So before you buy, so you should ask the dealer’s.