999 Starthai

999 Star designs hotels, resorts, apartments and houses by creative and professional architects. We aim to be one of the leaders in hotel, resort, apartment and house design.

We provide services in hotel, resort, apartment and house design by experience,creative and professional architects. We guarantee satisfaction, focusing on quality, durable structure, aesthetic and details to make impressive architecture for you.

Our Services

1. Designing and drafting

  • hotels
  • apartments
  • resorts
  • houses
  • shophouses and townhouses
  • shopping malls, offices and home offices
  • housing estates
  • landscape and gardens

Our designs include architecture, construction, electrical, plumbing and sanitation. The design could be constructed with no worries.

2. Construction and supervising consultancy

We provide consultancy in construction and supervising to achieve our customers’ requirements and designs.

3. Real estate and housing estate consultancy

Impressive Services with 999 Stars

Our services have been trusted by our customers in design and construction. In consequence, the trust and impression have been spread out to families and friends, which have made 999 Stars have had chances to service numbers of customers constantly. 999 Stars would like to express gratitude towards our customers. We promise to work with higher standards and constantly develop skills and quality.

Our Design Process

  • Conceptual Planning
  • Preliminary Design
  • Architecture Design
  • Structure and Systematic Design
  • Deliver Final Design

The way the architects who designed the model of the project and preliminary project layout. The design and implementation of signed agreements.

Project planning and landscape architecture. Ready to present a preliminary architectural layout.

Architectural drawings A detailed plan for a cut.

Drawings, structural, electrical, plumbing, sanitary system.

Deliver documents to apply for a permit includes architectural design, structural calculation Structural system with architects and engineers (drawings) endorsed to apply for a construction permit to the Government.